Still $59.99...

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3 years ago#51
Bunch of condescending asses here.
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3 years ago#52
From: Ajd_King | #048
HadukenGod2 posted...
if youre an adult and $60 is too better in life

he exclaimed, cheetoh-dust emerging from the numerous folds of his now jiggling neck beard.

The cheetoh-dust mixes with the other various forms of grime and lifeforms now growing on his face, giving them an orange hue.
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3 years ago#53
Lip_58 posted...
Joe_Cobbs posted...
Lip_58 posted...
everyone tends to think of you as an immigrant.

You kinda would be one though.

I expressed myself wrong I guess.

Everyone thinks you are Mexican.

Well are you a Mexican?
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3 years ago#54
linktwo posted...
NTJack0 posted...
Silly ki\Xydru posted...
$60 is expensive? Since when?

For people that have bills and don't have their mommies money to blow.

maybe you should work hard towards a promotion or get a better job. It is not at all hard to pay bills and buy games(unless you are an alcoholic) .

I have a good job and ungodly hours, I still don't have money for games.
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