Would you marry a high elf?

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From: Dreadsword101 | #002
Snotty and high-maintenance.

Answer is no.

I don't know about that. A few (At least 2, could be 3) of the Altmer females in-game are the wives of Nord farmers.

High elf women can be wholesome too!
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Dreadsword101 posted...
Luthor_ posted...
High Elf? No.

Dark Elf with purple eyes? Yes. Karliahhhh.

Watch out. She has brain damage.

Nah, just emotional scarring. Much worse, really.
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Hell to the yes. You can tell they like it dirty
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dominated you say?

yes, yes.
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If she had the voice of wonder woman like some of the high elf women do then maybe.

Dat voice actor.
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X ProwL posted...
If she had the voice of wonder woman like some of the high elf women do then maybe.

Dat voice actor.

Susan Eisenberg, you mean?
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Yes. It would be fun to break that ****** spirit and bring her down to the level she so often looks down at. Then I'd spend the rest of my life banging her endlessly while she makes my sandwiches, because that'd be all she'd be good for after I was done.
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This thread is full of win. Personally I can't see myself with a woman taller than me :\
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A high elf? NO! **** NO! Dem &#_+@ mother(>^_^)> #^()@!!! I hate them so much! I join the stormcloaks just to attack them fools every time I see them walking the roads.

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they're just tsundere ^___^
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