They need to fix the map in the next game.

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Guess I'm one of the few who thought it was great.

If they removed the clouds it would be perfect.
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If they don't change it, they need to make it rotatable at least 180 degrees.
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But Clear Skies shout takes care of that.

I had no idea that cleared the world map. I thought it'd be independent from the in-game weather. Good to know.

the map is a drawn to scale version of what the world is. Think of google earth but much more detailed. The map is fine the way it is. The map isn't an actual drawn map for you to look at so the person who said bla bla bla rivers and roads need to be easier to see is just a stupid complainer

lol... just lol....

I certainly hope we don't get stuck with more "cool factor" functions in the next game.
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Why do so many people act like fast traveling makes the game too easy.

Your ideas are all terrible and would be pointless to add

I am of the opposite mindset; I think that his ideas were good.

Now you know his ideas would become tedious, boring, and rage Insighting on your 3rd play through. Then you would wine about a complicated/ugly map system.
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