help a brotha out? (pure mage related)

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KINGR1P posted...
My first playthrough was a warrior Redguard but that file got glitched and couldn't finish it.
My second playthrough was a battle mage that had magic in one hand and a one handed weapon in the other. His name was Vegeta. Lol
My third playthrough is going to be a straight pure mage. I won't be using melee weapons or archery.

I'm kind of cheating right now. I'm in the first area where the guy is showing you how to sneak attack a bear, but I'm leveling up my Destruction and Sneak. I'm level 17 right now. Destruction is at level 51, Sneak at 82, and one handed at level 31. Will I be able to leave the area and be okay if I leave when my Destruction is at level 60?

Also, what other skill trees should I focus on for a pure mage besides destruction? I was thinking Restoration.

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I see. So I'm level 17 as of right now and if I leave I'm gonna get slaughtered? That's some bs.

So even if I leveled up my destruction to 60-65 would I be able to stand a chance if my sneak was maxed out? I can just sneak to Windhelm (or whatever the ice city is called its been awhile since I played the game) and just steal the spells since I don't care about being good.

I do want to summon some spirits though. That seems like it would be really fun, but how do you level that up? And Illusion would be helpful as well. How do I level that up?

Oh, and I was wondering how you can level your enchantment skill tree ti think that's what its called I forgot and never cared to enchant until the end of my second playthrough) since I heard there was an easier way to do it quickly.

I'm cheating you guys. I've already beat this game in a legit way anyway.
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Your spells are your weapons. They don't level with you but your enemies do. Instead of leveling you should save the experience until you get the items you need and the spells.