How vampires should be done in the next game.

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Here's how I'd do it

Becoming a vampire gives you the Night Eye lesser power and Transfusion spell, if you don't have them already.

Other vampiric abilities must be learned through experience, which can only be gained from feeding.

The Vampire perk tree is rooted with Vampiric Drain, then branches off into three schools of Magic; Alteration, Blood Magic, and Illusion. At the top of Blood Magic is Vampire Lord.

Paralyzing Fog - Hide by dissipating into an invulnerable mist, briefly immobilizing enemies who venture into the fog. Area of effect grows larger the longer the spell is sustained.
Shroud of Bats - In combat you are surrounded by a cloud of bats that feed on enemies within melee range.
Become Bat Swarm - Transform into a cloud of bats to disorient an enemy, then reappear behind him. Must have a valid target.

Blood Magic (Does not require Vampire Lord to cast)
Vampiric Drain x4 - Transfusion spells steal more health per second from the target.
Virulent Bite - Your venomous fangs have a chance to cause paralysis in your victims.
Blood Bath - Place a blood rune on the ground that when triggered coats the area with a lingering red mist, absorbing health from all who wander into it.
Vampiric Grip - Can pull a creature to you from a distance, and do choking damage once it's close.

Vampire Lord - Transform into a winged creature, causing most people and animals to flee in terror. Any magic spell or weapon can be used by the Vampire Lord, but only melee attacks and the effects of Blood Magic are amplified. Outside the Vampire Lord can toggle flight to quickly traverse the landscape or attack from above. Vampire Lord can not float indoors. This power can not be used in daylight.

Creature of the Night - Nocturnal animals will neither attack nor flee from you, unless provoked. If used on Skeever, it will follow you indefinitely provided you have no other animal companions.
Supernatural Reflexes - Everything slows down while you move faster.
Vampire's Seduction x4 - Hypnotize one living person, who will then act as a follower. Strong-willed enemies will always resist, but weaker minds can be enthralled indefinitely if enough perk points are invested.

The vampire's unarmed kill moves are replaced with claw-like swipes and other attack animations that showcase the vampire's supernatural strength.

Feeding can easily be achieved by interacting with sleeping or enthralled NPCs. It is possible to exsanguinate your victim if you feed on them too often.

The vampire has a special unarmed sneak attack that lets him feed on unsuspecting humanoid NPCs. More difficult enemies may take more than one bite to finish off.

There is a small chance that feeding on a person will cause them to become a vampire.

It is also possible to feed on fresh corpses while in Vampire Lord form, though the return isn't as great.

Regularly feeding keeps the vampire looking well, positively influencing peoples' opinions about him.

However, the longer a vampire goes without feeding, the more his abilities deteriorate. His appearance gets progressively worse, almost becoming draugr-like. Your horrifying visage will cause most NPCs to react with fear. Ordinary townsfolk will not attack you but vampire hunters become a common sight. Though you look like a corpse, anyone you've turned will still treat you favorably.
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this is pretty damn good. I'd think that Creature of the Night should be a passive ability that automatically makes animals not attack at night, but that's like the only change I'd make.
great work. :D
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Note: I left out conjuration spells from the Vampire's perk tree because those would be available to everyone.

There's no reason to include a spell like "Vampire's Servant", when you can use Dead Thrall instead. Blood Magic would also be a new school of magic available to anyone, which is why I renamed "Vampiric Drain" to Transfusion. Vampires would still benefit more from the spell because of the perk in their tree, and they'd have a couple abilities not obtainable by other means.

As for daytime weaknesses, the Vampires would still have them, though my version would have some differences. The biggest change is that my vampires would feed to get stronger not, weaker. I think it's absolutely stupid that a vampire in Skyrim loses power when he feeds. That's not how it should work.

Another difference is my vampires would not have use of the Vampire Lord transformation ability during the day (I'd probably include an Amulet of Molag Bal or something that lets you do it anyway) , and their blood magic becomes less effective unless they feed.

I'd also remove that stupid "Your blood boils in the sunlight", message for two reasons...

1) That alert is annoying.
2) Vampires are not hurt by sunlight. Their powers are just weakened.

The only alert you'd get is the one that informs you when you have not fed in awhile, and it'd take more than four days for the vampire to deteriorate to the final stage. At that point though, your blood magic would be pretty much useless. I'd still want to reach that stage anyway, at least once. Just for looks.

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1000_aIiens posted...
this is pretty damn good. I'd think that Creature of the Night should be a passive ability that automatically makes animals not attack at night, but that's like the only change I'd make.
great work. :D

Thanks. I originally thought about making it a purely passive ability, but then I figured it'd be cool to tame a Skeever. Maybe have the perk unlock a permanent active effect and a bonus spell by the same name that allows you to have a pet rat? Heck, maybe even just let you "talk" to the Skeever, like you do stray dogs. Wolves would be cool too, but that's more of an ability for lycans (even though Dracula could turn into a wolf, and some vampires keep wolves and dogs as guardians).
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It's a shame you guys don't have mods on the console, as we have a couple of mods called Belua Sanguinnare and Brehain's Better Vampires that already have a lot of the interesting ideas in your post.
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The problem with keeping Vampire Lord is that you can't learn to become one. You have to either get it from a VL or you have to get it directly from the source.

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Personally, I think they need to throw out the "drink blood and appear human" thing (or the "nobody cares as long as you don't transform into a VL in front of them" that DG introduced) or massively ramp up the downsides - it's far too easy to mitigate the negatives. Vampirism shouldn't be a flat power boost like it currently is.
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I wish sunlight would deal constant damage to vampires
#9zeroboboPosted 2/7/2013 10:02:32 PM
there should be a more significant downside than "if you forget to feed it gets slightly annoying till you do".

that sounds grossly overpowered lol
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How about no vampires at all?