How vampires should be done in the next game.

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This topic brings up a very relevant issue when the next TES is released, in that you more than likely won't have access to the Vampire Lord form. Hence, some of the abilities you've listed probably won't be available since you needed to be a vampire lord.

They'll likely have to compensate for this significantly.
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Don't know how they'll work in lord form seeing as you have to be pure breed (Turned by Molag Via Rape) or pretty close to the strain of one.

Personally while all of your ideas are great, I'd like to add one minor one, there's diffrent Vampire clans though out Tamriel as you and other posters may have read in Immortal Blood, like the Volkair apparently being able to drag people under ice, there's a strain whose name I forgot in Valenwood that can only be dedected by candle light etc. Basically what I'm saying is that I hope the Vampires of the next game reflect the setting a bit more than they do now, maybe if the game is in Hammerfell something to do with the desert, poof into some sand and appear behind someone, something I know that's bad. I do like your ideas to have more powers and a perk tree that works for your normal form, there needs to be more too it, but at the same times downfalls.

Also I beleive you should be able to blend in at Level 4, but it should get harder not flat out 'OMG A CORPSE' or oblivions OMG A VAMPIRE, okay now you looked really gaunt but come on you could just be an old guy? No people should become suspicious over time, things like feeding on NPCs in that town will over time attract attention, and you may get found by Vampire hunters. Also IMO from Level 3 on you should get sun damage, at Level 3 it should be slow, and Shadows should lessen it, same with Level 4 but it'll go slightly faster, after some Questline there should be an arctifact that lets you walk in the daylight unharmed.

Lycanthropy should also get some buffs as well, but that's another topic, I mean the beast form is powerful but there's mentions by the companions that they have increased perception and such (like smelling things normal people can't hearing heart beats and such) which could make for some intresting powers while in human form as well.
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Vampires should also be very fast.
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Brenz0r posted...
Personally, I think they need to throw out the "drink blood and appear human" thing (or the "nobody cares as long as you don't transform into a VL in front of them" that DG introduced) or massively ramp up the downsides - it's far too easy to mitigate the negatives. Vampirism shouldn't be a flat power boost like it currently is.

That's what my version of vampire fixes. You don't simply get a power boost for being a vampire. You learn Night Eye (Vampire's Sight) and Transfusion (Vampire Drain) when you are infected, but everything else you have to work for. You do not gain all these powers simply by starving yourself. You earn them through feeding.

Drinking blood to maintain a youthful appearance is something that is very common in vampire folklore and something that shouldn't be discarded. Skyrim handled it quite poorly though. The expansion actually did the right thing by stopping townsfolk from becoming hostile when you've transgressed into later stages. People should react, but the response should make sense. You don't feel intimidating as a vampire when some random stall vendor thinks they can take you. It's also not fun from a gameplay standpoint.

My version of the vampire balances this.

If you feed, most people are going to have a friendly disposition towards you. Merchants will even give you better prices. Vampires tend to be naturally charming creatures.

If you don't feed, your corpse beings to progressively deteriorate to the point where you pretty much look like a Draugr, and your blood magic suffers. The townsfolk are going to be repulsed and feared by you. Terror is the normal reaction to seeing a corpse walking around. Factions like Vigilant of Stendarr will be on the hunt, but most people are going to be scared of you.

That is unless the people are vampires themselves.

This makes playing a vampire fun. There are obvious downsides to not feeding regularly (regularly meaning you wouldn't just be able to feed on one person and be fully restored), but it would still be entertaining to choose to play as a grotesque monster that people are actually afraid of. Looking like a corpse would be a nice touch for necromancers too.
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I'll admit, I didn't read all of that, but I think if they change anything about vampires, for one thing, they should make it so that you are at your peak strength when you feed, not the other way around. It just makes no sense. No feeding = no energy, no energy = worse physical state. Mythical or not, that pretty much applies to TES as well. So I think there's that, and the fact that feeding needs to feel like its a choice, a consequence, or whatever. If you can just not feed and be strong but suffer a few downsides, big deal. If you are forced to feed or you will weaken and die, then you have the whole moral dilemma and the urgency to always be on the prowl. It's just more interesting, I think.
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#16ALLENO31Posted 2/8/2013 4:11:37 AM
i like some of your ideas but i really dont think there should be vampire lords and werewolves in the next tes unless it is in the lore that there is vampire lords or werewolves in that country
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#17Evil_SandwichPosted 2/8/2013 4:30:15 AM
Vampires are already completely broken with Necromage + Dawnguard.

Giving them more buffs would be pointless.

Only thing that needs to change about Vampires is that stupid blur effect/sunlight warning everytime you go outside during the day.

They should either make it less annoying or remove it entirely.
#18Brenz0rPosted 2/8/2013 4:32:19 AM(edited)
Drinking blood to maintain a youthful appearance is something that is very common in vampire folklore and something that shouldn't be discarded.

Except TES is not common folklore. It has its own vampire lore, which is something that shouldn't be discarded. See Immortal Blood for examples of the various vampire types.
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ALLENO31 posted...
i like some of your ideas but i really dont think there should be vampire lords and werewolves in the next tes unless it is in the lore that there is vampire lords or werewolves in that country

Lore-wise werewolves exist throughout Tamriel so regardless of where TES VI takes place there should be werewolves.
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kamahl25 posted...
I wish sunlight would deal constant damage to vampires

That was actually a terrible gameplay mechanic, and a common misconception about vampires.

I know many movies portray sunlight as being deadly to vampires, but vampires do not burn in sun. Exposure to sunlight just makes them weak.

As for people telling me you can't become a Vampire Lord because of some stupid thing about Molag Bal having to have his way with you first. Gameplay should always take precedence over lore. Vampire Lords weren't even introduced until the expansion, and Bethesda has proven you can totally make something up to explain why something that shouldn't exist does. It doesn't even have to be all that much of stretch.

The vampire lord perk could read "Your bloodlust has earned you Molag Bol's favor. The daedric prince of domination has gifted you with the Vampire Lord form." and that would be totally sufficient.

MrcTOtheJ / Brenz0r posted...
... Immortal Blood

See here's a good example of gameplay conflicting. The Volkihar clan was not anything like the vampires described in that book. The author telling the story was also misleading the victim and hiding some details, being a vampire himself. I'd also assume there's a good bit of misinformation circulating from both stories told by superstitious townsfolk, and vampires spreading lies to further their own agenda. Nobody can really say they know the true extent of what an Elder Scrolls vampire is capable of.
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