This game is way better than Morrowind and Oblivion stay mad...

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All this considered, there needs to be some kind of innovation to the gameplay that will differentiate the next game from the rest. As a fan of the series I would like to see some fearlessness in the next gaem.

Let me expand upon this. I want almost a game within a game. Frostflow (?) lighthouse was a good example. You walked into something you weren't expecting. The quests seem too similar in Skyrim, dry almost. I want to get wet. I want to step into a dungeon or a cave or something and leave with a memory of the story.

There should be a good balance of casual player, rough guy stuff, I pick up the controller and kick ass. Then, there should be enough of a challenge at certain parts to warrant applause from the true gamers, like myself. Something that makes my been there done that, war torn soldier brain say hey, that was kind of fum.

Think of it like this:

Casual tough guy stuff ? Badass
----------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- --------------


Casual stuff ? Badass
------------------------------------------------ ------------------- ------------------------------------------------

See what I mean?
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darkportal785 posted...
Skyrim is crap compared to TES: Fallout 2.

It's an indisputable fact.

Fallout 2 is worse than fallout 1.

yeah i said it!
(and i actually mean it)
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i really like skyrim but the loot sucks
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