Dragon vs. Farkas and Aela vs. Horkers vs. Dragon, Serana, and I

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Okay that was awesome. Walking with Serana to Windstad Manor when we came across three horkers. Naturally we went to kill them but before I got to them those two from the Companions showed up and got there first. That's when we heard the roar in the sky and saw a Blood Dragon coming down on us. I summon Durnehviir and he takes to the sky after it. Eventually they both land right on top of the last horker sending him flying far away and then they began to bite at each other while Serana and I blast them with magic. Accidentally hit the Companions so now they're hostile at us and everything is getting crazy. Fire everywhere, swords were swinging, arrows flying.

Has anyone else happened upon a giant free for all battle in Skyrim? This was the best I've seen, only other one I saw was two giants and a mammoth vs. a dragon.
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Fast Travelled to a Word Wall and the Dragon woke up, another Dragon spawned cos I fast travelled so I thought "Damn...." and summoned Odahviing and then two Dragon Priests who in turn each summoned a Storm Atronach.

I thought my xbox was gonna die.
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