Questions for those of you who have successfully done a pure mage playthrough

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ol. seems like it, but I'm actually playing Skyrim right this second. Bought Dragonborn, so I got all of the DLC as of now and figure about time I should play the damn game.

rumor has it the DLC goes half price starting next Tuesday. I'm gonna jump on that opportunity to get both big expansions for 20 bucks. I already had Hearthfire which was pretty cool for its price.
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Yeah, I just heard that. Kinda pissed. But oh well. I had Dawnguard and Hearthfire WAY before now, just never felt like playing because what's the point? Learned my lesson with Fallout 3, so I waited until I had all of the DLC for Fallout New Vegas to do a proper playthrough.

Plus, I'm kinda burnt out of Black Ops 2 right now.
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