Why the hell do I get inheritance letters from the courier so damn much?

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Yo what's up with the black bars? And TC stop killing npcs and letting dragons kill them.

You say that like I let them die by dragons intentionally, which I don't. And I don't really kill npcs, seriously.

Hmm alright. Your username threw me off tho.
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I have a large inheritance to collect but I need it converted to septims. If you give me your account information so that I can send the money to you and have the currency exchanged I will give you a portion of the inheritance.

You wouldn't happen to be a Alik'rian/Hammerfellian Prince, would you?!
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New Vegas is 100% awesome, need to get my own copy someday.

w0rd up.
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Lol I just got my first inheritance letter on my new character. A dragon killed one of my friends. Basturds, every time I fast travel!
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My SSN is 000-00-0002.

That's funny, mine is 000-00-0001. HA!
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Hi, I need some help. My father was the king of Hammerfell, and when he died, I am next in for the throne. My uncle had other intentions however, and I've been deposed. I do have a 'loyal' contingent of royal guards ready to help me reclaim my throne, but they need payment first. Seeing as I don't have access to my coffers, could someone send me 5000 septims? I promise that when I regain my rightful place you will be richly rewarded. Thank you.
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-Alternative "Dragonborn Courier" Trailer Deleted Scene-

"And now he has arrived to deliver the final package... *Epic scene plays of Dragonborn Courier facing down Alduin and then pulling his spiked knuckle duster out of his scroll/mailbag, runs up to Alduin and junkpunches the *bleep* out of him, causing Alduin to writhe and wince in pain while looking up to the sky and roaring/shouting, INSPIRING music plays* *Alduin screaming* WWWHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! *Dragonborn Courier Dragon Shouting while pointing both index fingers repeatedly at Alduin* YOO KNO WUY!


"Fight for them, then, and die for their sins!" -Dracula, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night