After Dragonborn, will there be any more new official DLC upcoming from Bethesda

#31ProjectX26Posted 2/14/2013 10:08:25 AM
TCGJesse posted...
That is not true at all... Todd even said so in a few interviews. Not to mention they have also been working on TES MMO for some time now.

The studio developing TES:O is not going to be developing Fallout or any other TES main series titles.
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turn_based posted...
Couple of dlcs more and folks playing on 360 are gonna have to make some hard choices...

Some have noticed decreased performance issues with the dlc's.

Load times, hotkeys, unresponsive controls or sluggish controls in menu nav or page turning.

I removed all 3 and have noticed better performance overall.

So, does the 360 have the tech abilities to run any more large dlc's like DB? Or can it handle the extra gameplay elements introduced in DG and HF? Just sayin that there have been discussions and observations about this and it may boil down to which ones do you want and which can you live without.

Not an unreasonable concern if you ask me...
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#33MC2011Posted 2/14/2013 10:21:24 AM
Ah, makes sense.

I've noticed significantly longer load times after downloading Hearthfire, but not much difference after installing Dragonborn. Course that is with all 3 DLC installed in order.

Think I might just overcome my completionist desires and delete Hearthfire, see if that might decrease load times. Doesn't really add much anyway.
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