Lore question regarding the final Dark Brotherhood mission *Obvious spoilers*

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GodSpark127 posted...
But how can it be canon if the Dark Brotherhood was potentially wiped out? They can't assassinate anyone if they are dead.

The sanctuary is wiped out regardless if you join or destroy the brotherhood. Regardless of which side you take, the night mother still lives(kind of) meaning the dark brotherhood is still alive.

The Emperor is wanted dead by a politician, chances are he doesn't care who kills the Emperor, just so long as the Emperor is dead.

The lore will probably read as Mortimer(is that is name?) had the Emperor killed. Some theorize that he had the dark brotherhood carry out the assassination. Blah, blah, blah others say that is an impossibility since the Skyrim sanctuary was destroyed by commander Maro.

Regardless of which side you pick the above statement rings true. Maro orders the destruction of the Skyrim Sanctuary, and the council member ordered the hit on the Emperor.
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Kill the brotherhood. Fanatically loyal to "Sithis" was fun, fanatically loyal to Astrid is lame.
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