Favorite play style?

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User Info: Akito_Kinomoto

4 years ago#11
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User Info: mewmew42

4 years ago#12
Because of faendal my minimum archery is 50
Because of DG DLC I can easily level up conjuration...
As soon as I hit lvl22i will use paralysis enchantment on 1 handed weapons

User Info: Mythrender

4 years ago#13
Heavy armor, Crossbows, and 2h for melee.
GT: Nickguy

User Info: KabtheMentat

4 years ago#14
My character is kinda like a Robin Hood-ish archer thief.

Archery, light armor, sneak, illusion, and one handed weapons are basically my main skeeloz, with a side of smithing and enchanting so I can make cool stuff. Been trying to work on pickpocketing.
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User Info: WhereDidItGo

4 years ago#15
Mage is my favorite.
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User Info: sharksfan7

4 years ago#16
Stealthy archer and pure mage are my go-to play styles. I find using two-handed weapons or a sword and shield really boring. For my archer I focus on sneak, archery, light armor, smithing and a little one-handed. My mage builds kind of vary, but my favorite is the sneak mage: sneak, archery, conjuration, illusion, light armor and maybe some enchanting.
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User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#17
Pure Mage or Thief are my favorite play style. I cannot for the life of me make a warrior class anything cause I find them boring
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User Info: 1Denton28

4 years ago#18
Toss up between 2 hand barbarian and spells word

User Info: The_High

4 years ago#19
Stealth archer. Usually with either one handed or dual daggers. Less a thief, more a ninja.
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User Info: ilaposta

4 years ago#20
Just your friendly neighborhood Arcane Archer Necromancer Thief/Assassin. My hobbies include alchemy and enchanting and I like long walks by the sea with my re-animated girlfriend.

Nothing beats silently killing someone and stealing their soul/possesions and using their corpse to serve your needs.
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