Belethor is in my house

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  3. Belethor is in my house
2 years ago#1
What should I do? - Results (99 votes)
Kill him
20.2% (20 votes)
Sneak him
2.02% (2 votes)
4.04% (4 votes)
Skooma him
27.27% (27 votes)
Shout at him
12.12% (12 votes)
Kick him
1.01% (1 votes)
Throw stuff at him
12.12% (12 votes)
Use telekinesis at
8.08% (8 votes)
Jail him
6.06% (6 votes)
Beat him
7.07% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Go on , tell me.
Resident evil 6 was terrible
2 years ago#2
Make love to him.
Fascination ends
2 years ago#3
Tell him to come baaaaaack.
You're in the topic. Topic is in the forum. Troll is in the forum.
2 years ago#4
Boil 'im, mash 'im, stick 'im in a stew.
The SAFE was slain in battle. A great flaming nautical pyre carries it off to VAULTHALLA. - Gimme a view, sweet cheeks ;)
2 years ago#5
fo some reason, I think of old school pro Wrestling. IN YOUR HOUSE!!! WWWF SUNDAY!! BELETHOR GOES ONE ON ONE WITH THE DRAGONBORN! IN YOUR HOUSE!!
A hero need not speak for himself, for the world shall speak for him when he dies... - CaptnAmerica86 PSN - CapnAmericaUSMG Xbox 360 GamerTag
2 years ago#6
Make sweet, sweet love to his eye sockets.
"Stannis... in spite of everything, he is a righteous man."
2 years ago#7
The mind is like a parachute: it only works when it's open
2 years ago#8
Do come back.
Remember FMLG told ya!
Sometimes I miss drugs.Then I read gamefaqs. - Beery <3
2 years ago#9
SoulOfFayth posted...

To err is human, to Arr is pirate.
2 years ago#10
Ask after his sister.
Dwarf shortage.
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  3. Belethor is in my house

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