Best weapon in this game ?

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BruceLee1974 posted...
BigRobb2389 posted...
Nightingale Blade.

20 Absorb Health and 25 Stamina on a version that can be tempered.

meant to post this last night.

Thanks Bigrob, I have that sword so that's the best there is hey , because I'm still dying heaps lol, I guess I suck at this game.

nah, it doesn't mean you suck at the game.

what kind of character are you playing?

I really only went Nightingale Blade cause there were already a few chillrend votes. lol.

Other than self-enchanted weapons, those are probably the best you can get. one-handed atleast.
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I use that reptile guy that can breathe under water. And I am getting better now, I found this spell now where I can summon a Demura (or how ever you spell it) Lord, and dam is he strong.

So I always summon him now and I also got a follower to follow me and then I switch to my duel weapons and killing them much quicker. I guess it's not just about the weapons in the game but also your tactics as well.