Something small you would like added in the game.

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  3. Something small you would like added in the game.
2 years ago#21
Parrying while duel-wielding.
2 years ago#22
JOExHIGASHI posted...
female clothing that isn't a dress

Thought I was the only one. My female character is a feminist and by gawd she wants to wear pants and tunic not dresses.
Member of the Saxon Fan Club
2 years ago#23
hand to hand combat
2 years ago#24
Energy Dragons!
2 years ago#25
Being able to rotate and place objects with ease in my home/base.
GT: Boomer and Tank
Pretty darn confident..... I don't want to have to wait till the Microendony XBOXS 4ii comes out another 15 years later....
2 years ago#26
Proper hand-to-hand combat
Throwing weapons


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2 years ago#27
LordNeoBahamut posted...
Air assassinations

So much this! Air attack animations in general would be sweet. I want to be like Gimli leaping off the wall and into a horde of enemies.
2 years ago#28
The ability to see your legs.
"It's only equality if we're getting special treatment."
2 years ago#29
Open (insert difficulty here) Lock spells.
2 years ago#30
Better areas to thieve from, vaults, banks, merchant caravans or merchant master homes, or anything really that would be very very stealth reliant (ex If your seen trespassing, you get your bounty but the vault also goes into lockdown that cant be picked open, and needs a few days to reset.)
GT: Nickguy
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  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  3. Something small you would like added in the game.

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