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3 years ago#1
im thinking about starting a new character in skyrim, since i just beat the game and kind of want to start over anyway

both my previous characters have been built kind of the same while being wildcards. focus on archery when sneaking and one handed/shield combo when not unseen. minor use of magic (destruction for one, illusion for the other) and lockpicking.

i also havent ever really enjoyed using a lot of magic much, so a pure mage probably wont keep me interested long.

any suggestions?
3 years ago#2
Heavy Armor Conjurer? Summon Atronachs/Thralls, then charge in with a Battleaxe and crush all opposition.
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3 years ago#3
I just thought maybe a charismatic kind of person who worms their way out of things/uses others whenever possible? Speech, light armor, illusion(for calm, frenzy, etc), maybe some of the thief skills?
Not sure what weapon skill i could use though. Maybe dual daggers/single dagger with spell, but that could be kind of annoying sometimes.
I might do a stereotypical warrior though, too. Heavy armor, Dual handed, maybe smithing.
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