About to read Oghma Infinium. Help me decide.

#11silverhunter16Posted 2/18/2013 6:07:09 PM
Personally, I believe magic is fairly easy to max out but since they are your lowest skill set, and you would get the most experience from it, go with magic
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GodSpark127 posted...
HUfan4L posted...
Glitch urself to level 81

And then come here and whine about the game being too easy.

It's how the pros do it.

This made me laugh out loud while I was using the bathroom
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I was actually unaware of the exploit to use it multiple times. Very tempting I must say. I have actually done serious grinding to get most of my skills to 100.
I don't like the fact that you cant train past 90, however.

I used it for magic as my legitimate use.
I then used it for stealth as my extra bonus. I just wanted to get alchemy to 100 because I like to make some serious potions.

I guess I will save it for any future need.

Thanks for the replies guys!
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