Favorite Name You Have Given Your Weapon?

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The Emancipator - Abe Lincoln's enhanced dwarven crossbow enchanted with fire damage.
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User Info: Akito_Kinomoto

4 years ago#12
Sacrifar--Dragonbone Sword with Chaos and Health Absorb enchants. Primary melee weapon.

Lycoris--Glass Sword with Paralyze and Stamina drain enchants. Offhand for dual-wielding. Stamina drain gives unlimited Power Attacks.

Apocrypha--Dragonebone Bow with Chaos and Stamina drain. Stamina drain offsets all the times I use Eagle-Eye.

Lyra--Dragonebone Dagger with Chaos and Shock enchants. Extra shock to deplete Magicka in case this doesn't one-shot them.
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User Info: Zephyriuum

4 years ago#13
Silmeria Valkyrie's Sacred Bow, i love that one.
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User Info: BongSabre

4 years ago#14
The Balls:
Dragonbone Warhammer. Chaos Damage + Absorb Stamina.
Known to be uttered in such sentences as:"Your head was just caved in by the Balls." and "Stop, so that I may crush you with the Balls."
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User Info: MrNateJames

4 years ago#15
Unicorn Bane - A Headman's Axe enchanted with Huntsman's Prowess and Absorb Magica through the use of a soul gem filled with the Potema's soul
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User Info: PeMbErToNz

4 years ago#16
Mace Windu - a Dragonbone mace with chaos and absorb health enchantments.

User Info: kuatomonk

4 years ago#17
Mercer Frey's Misplay - dragonbone mace with shock and frost

Nepos the Nutsack - glass war axe with paralyze and fire

Maro's Folly - dragonbone dagger with paralyze and fiery soul trap(currently in use by Cicero)

Weylin's Blunder - steel dagger with absorb health

As you can tell, death is not enough for those I despise, it must be banishment to the soul cairn.

Oblivion's Anvil - dragonbone warhammer with shock and burn

User Info: masterpug53

4 years ago#18
Most of my elaborate names don't have any relevance other than personal RP'ing, but I'm rather fond of my soul-trapping ebony bow and dagger named Necromancer's Moon and Shade of the Revenant, respectively. I also ritualistically cribbed the name Immolatus from one of the offshoot Dragonlance books for a fiery Daedric greatsword.
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User Info: Wveth

4 years ago#19
I use an iron sword called Pigsticker.

User Info: nathraxh

4 years ago#20
On a playthrough I no longer have, I named an Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow enchanted with fire damage "This Machine," in honour of New Vegas. I liked to imagine it had "well This Machine kills Stormcloaks" written down the side.
Dwarf shortage.
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