The Imperials are a pointless race

#11Erroneous_SnakePosted 2/21/2013 7:44:22 PM
Mortiis33 posted...
Alessian Rebellion.

There wouldn't have been a need for a rebellion if they didn't get enslaved in the first place. The redguards and nords could have destroyed the heartland elves if the need arose.
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The Imperials have a purpose.
To tend to the boots of their elven masters.
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silverhunter16 posted...
The Imperials have a purpose.
To tend to the boots of their elven masters.

This is....You know what, I'm actually ok with this.
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Yes, guys, I know.

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The_Ivory_Man posted...
All the other races have special stuff and history but the Imperials are just some lame group that's related to the Nords that have no special powers at all

That's why they are my favorite race, they have nothing special about them and they still kick a**, my main character is always an imperial
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I kind of agree here. I mean, to an extent. At this point, they're definitely a separate culture... the only issue is that most of the world (that we've seen so far) is fairly heavily influenced by that culture. Parts of Skyrim, including the capitol, strongly draw on Cyrodiil for things such as food and architecture.

Even Windhelm has some pretty strong Imperial influence... particularly architecturally.

Oh wait... this is a joke thread. I'm sorry. = )
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