God im an ******* Faendal probably wants to send the dark brotherhood on me

#1Gold25onePosted 2/21/2013 8:33:57 PM
So when i first arrive in Riverwood i get that quest from Faendal to give Camilla the fake letter from the bard but i chose to tell her its fake and sided with the bard (Faendal at this point hates my guts) so skip forward to me getting to riften and getting the amulet of mara, i decide to go back and marry Camilla thing is after i finish talking to her i hear "i cant believe you want to talk to me after all you have done to me" and i turn around and Faendal is sitting right there just looking at us.

Then as i left the shop he just muttered something about how he wishes she knew how much he loves her, so while he sits in riverwood complaining i will be making sweet lesbian love to Camilla. >_> i am a douche.


I took a Bosmers love interest right infront him and turned her into a lesbian.
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Actually, he will make regular visits to your home to spank her, usually when you are not there, but sometimes even when you are.
Camilla is a whore.
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Well if i ever see him around the house i will spank him with my mace
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lol i would 'toast his rump roast"
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I could put an amulet of talos on him and call the thalmor