Looks like Bethesda is gearing up for the next Elder Scrolls/Fallout game.

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We watched the new Watch Dogs gameplay in my 3D I: Modeling class...we are currently making a game level and our professor said to put as much detail into it as the city in Watch Dogs has...we only had 2 weeks and we aren't a team...

Your professor is a jerk.

Well he was half joking...but still, we don't know enough to make half the things we want to do at this stage. It's possible, but requires many late nights...

Reminds me on how my technology teacher wants us to make websites, on our school computers, which are garbage.
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I just bought all 3 systems so I could play everything and not miss out on any good games haha. Then again I was making pretty good money at my old job so I could afford it.

Idk what i'm gonna do for next console generation, I might wait a while before buying any. Only reason I bought a PS3 was for MGS4, and i'm glad I bought it cause I ended up getting Demon's Souls which was a PS3 exclusive and more than likely will never come to Xbox. I got a WIi just for Monster Hunter Tri lol, totally worth it lol. And my 360 for Gears of War and Oblivion.
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I should really pick up Halo 4 again. I got it at midnight and barely played the campaign, then dropped the multiplayer when I got a PS3 on black friday + steam sales =/

You have a PS3?

You really ought to DL Dust514. It's free and all, and an amazing shooter. Still beta, but it's always gonna be F2P.

Also, you ought to add me on PSN. = D

Yeah i got one on Black Friday

CK791 is the ID
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