Any chance of a magic sneak-attack bonus being patched in?

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fatclemenza posted...
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then how do you apply your aversion to poison aversion to magic and aversion to ^element^ poisons to deal out massive damages against the few enemies that actually need massively high damage numbers to take then down easily? (mostly dragons/certain dragon priests)

My follower and 2 thralls just overpower everything by brute magical force since stealth is out of the question.

i dont like followers or summons in this game they either steal all my kills or else get in the way continually. or both.
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Well, that may be partly because Silent Casting's primary intended utility isn't sneakily one-shotting high end enemies with Destruction magic. It's much more useful for use with the spells of the skill tree it comes from, Illusion. Also for throwing on -flesh spells close to the enemies without alerting them and such, I suppose. A successful Destromage should make good use of all its kinds of spells, from MT when appropriate, to weak but stunning (w/ Impact) ST, traps and DoT, and quick, devastating ST. Just sneaking around oneshotting everything with Incinerate would contradict that a bit.

I do agree (as do most people from what I've seen) that some (most specifically the Expert ST) spells are underpowered, though.
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Meh, I personally wouldn't want that. You can't really defend against a lighting bolt by doing anything other than dodging or blocking it outright.

What I mean is, with a sneak attack, I catch them unawares to strike at their weak spots. With Destruction (other than Ice Spike, I suppose), it should hurt the same way whether they know it's coming or not.