Need help on my new build!

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3 years ago#1
I'm gonna start a new build, not to role-play in any way but simply to do all guild questlines... I haven't done this at all so I want some advice on what to add to my build. Any advice would be great.

I have chosen Nord for the build, im gonna put perk points into light armor, one handed, archery and a few in sneak. I'm also gonna be doing smithing throughout the build, so i want to put some points into that at some point.

With my blade i don't know if i should do magic in left hand or shield? I don't want to have to put points in either of them but will if need be.

all advice would help, would also appreciate tips on how to carry out this build. Thanks
3 years ago#2
I find using dawnbreaker really helps at lower levels.......very high charge and there's a duplicate glitch to duel wield can start the quest at level 9.....and by level 22 you can start using paralysis enchantment.....

Or just use bound sword or bound bow......
3 years ago#3
Or the staff of paralysis you can get straight out of Helgen. = D

Azteka, how cheesy do you want to be? I mean, there's tons of ways to do everything. All depends on how easy you want the game to be, really.
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3 years ago#4
I don't want it to be easy, I just want a character that i will go through every single questlines with. I'm just having a hard time setting up the build
3 years ago#5
Don't overthink it. You can go through the companion's quest as a magic user, and get through the mage college with no magic skill at all. But stealth helps with everything, so just focus on that.
3 years ago#6
Alright, I think your right. I am over thinking it, just gonna go ahead and do it
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