What is the relationship between the Dark Elves and Aldmeri Dominion?

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AddictedToXbox posted...
I always thought Trinimac was removed from the Altmeri pantheon, because they viewed him as being tainted by Dunmeri influence. Plus, his failure to stop the Velothi exodus marked the begining of the splitting of the Aldmer.

According to Varieties of Faith, he's still part of it. It includes this:

"He [Trinimac] vanishes from the mythic stage after this [corruption by Boethiah], to return as the dread Malacath (Altmeri propaganda portrays this as the dangers of Dunmeri influence)."

He seems to be a part of their pantheon, but probably in the Mythic sense rather than the "currently receives worship" sense.
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Given that their homeland was overrun with argonians, ravaged by daedra and exploded by Red Mountain, I doubt the Dark Elves have a significant political influence over anything anywhere.