Based on your Size, Intellect, and Technical Skills...

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3 years ago#51
209 lbs.
Sneak, archery and light armor would be my specialties.
Ever single time I play one of these kinds of games (fatansy rpg create your own) I never go with magic. Never appealed to me.
3 years ago#52
I'm slightly more of a thinker, so probably I'd use magic to give me an advantage in combat such as invisibility. I love sneaking up on people too. I'd probably also use a bow and a 1-handed weapon, so I guess I'm a hunter that studies magic in his spare time.
Fallout 3 isn't Oblivion with guns, it's Fallout 3 with guns.
3 years ago#53
Well, I'm a writer, an artist, and a dancer so I'd probably be a bard. My books would all be banned by the Tribunal, and I'd flunk out of the Bard's College. After that I'd wander Tamriel reading poetry and doing skooma, worshiping Sanguine.

Ballet doesn't do much for your upper body strength, so I don't think I'd be able to swing a sword around with any efficiency. I'd probably stick to crossbows and daggers with poisons applied. I'd try to talk my way out of any 'problems' and only kill someone if necessary.

My alignment would probably be True Neutral.
I enjoy chainsaws and formal wear.
3 years ago#54
At my current stature I would like to think of myself as a hooker. Not like they have anything to do, no problems and no worries, sounds great to me.
(message deleted)
3 years ago#56
6'1 175 A bit too lean, muscle could be added...

I'd say that's about Argonian height and weight?

If so I'd probably be an Argonian mage and archer due to my intelligence and agility. Not too strong though so no melee for me!
3 years ago#57
I think I'd focus on Restoration, archery, and light armor.

Restoration because I'm a medic
Archery because I know how to shoot bows
And light armor because it'd prefer it more than heavy armor and clothes :P
Much to Yuri's disgust so he tricked Gersch in to opening the mechanism trapping Gersch in it. Yuri sees his error and he dashboards.
3 years ago#58
I am 6' 170. Skipped college. Am a quick learner.

I would be suited for the Rogue lifestyle when compared to the average warrior (assuming 200+lbs and 6'5"+) but could hold my own against thugs. I would probably understand the basics of every school of magic but my main source of offense would be the short sword I always keep handy.

I would probably die young because of overconfidence.
3 years ago#59
I'm 6 ft even, like 250. I'd say above average intelligence, but I'm an electrician, so yeah...not that useful in Tamriel. I'd probably take up a crafting skill. I do a lot of industrial stuff, motor controls and some robots, so I might be drawn to dwemer technology. I'd be a honest hard working....guy.

I'd totally buy a kick ass sword though
3 years ago#60
Duck 'n weavin' kind of Duelist with a single sword.

Illusion magic.
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