Can anyone recommend a good spellsword build for me?

#1Omega_GilgameshPosted 3/13/2013 10:23:37 PM
My very first character, way back on 11.11.11 was a Nord Spellsword who dual casted lightning spells then charged in with dual wielding swords. And I never looked back after him. Since then, I've usually stuck with just one of the three adventuring disciplines, only crossing over the crafting skills.

Honestly, I don't really see how to maximize my play sessions if I'm always casting the same "flesh-summon/destro" spells then move on to swords, both in terms of effectiveness and originality.

But I want something new, and since that's the only playstyle I can think of that I haven't played in a long time, I thought I'd give it a shot. Can anyone lay out for me, or point to a video/post of a fun spellsword build?
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#2Evil_SandwichPosted 3/13/2013 11:35:46 PM(edited)
Use a sword in one hand and Ignite/Paralyze/Close Wounds in the other.

Wear Heavy Armor/Light Armor, and don't bother with dual-cast it's worthless for a Spellsword.

Race doesn't matter.

EDIT: Here's a basic "Spellsword" Build.

One-Handed (7)
-Armsman (5/5)
-Fighting Stance
-Savage Strike

Smithing (3)
-Steel Smithing
-Arcane Blacksmith
-Elven Smithing

Destruction (4)
-Agumented Flames (2/2)

Light Armor (4)
- Agile Defender(1/5)
- Custom Fit
- Unhindered
- Windwalker

Restoration (8)
-Recovery (2)

Alteration (8)
-Magic Resistance (3/3)

IIIusion (3)
-Hypnotic Gaze
-Aspect of Terror

Perks used: 37

Health: 300

Magicka: 200

Stamina: 170
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