Character Build (morrowind)

#11Zealot5050Posted 3/17/2013 2:14:45 AM
Omega_Gilgamesh posted...
Well, I'd say find a few builds that work for you in Skyrim, then see which one is most compatible with Morrowind's system, rather than the otherway around. Morrowind has short swords and spears that Skyrim doesn't have.

Now as for the Ghandhi build, how about this: heavy magic user, uses light armor for protection (as unarmored isn't a viable playstyle in Oblivion), uses restoration magic and maybe the occasional defensive spell, turn undead spells, and conjuration. That way, you're either not hurting the enemies, or YOU'RE not the one fighting them. And that works for Skyrim as well as Morrowind (unless there's something I'm missing. Haven't played Morrowind in at least 5 years)

He said he was making a monk character. What you're describing is NOT a monk. Monks DO NOT wear armor. They wear robes and use their fists, a bow, or a mace for offense. As for magic they use Restoration and Alteration spells.