I found a tragic gay love story in dragon born DLC.

#1HOODFLYPosted 3/21/2013 11:39:53 PM
It involves 2 dead bodies I found one on the shore named Hrodulf and his lover BJornolfr who is dead in a underground tunnel in Hrodulf's house. After I found Heodulf's body just on the western shore I see a house icon and decide to check it out. Well there's a trap door in a corner of the house when I go inside and hear two dark elves jokingly reading a love letter written to Hrodulf from BJornolfr. After I kill them I read the letter that can be found on the table still not know who the person is. I continue to look around the room and find a journal belonging to Hrodulf read it and it will tell you about a passage way behide the bookcase where you'll find the dead body of a man named BJornolfr who wrote him the letter. I thought there would be a quest to bring back something to lover of Hrodulf after I read the letter but sadly they already died looking for him, himself.
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