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Do Christians identify with Talos as the equivelant of God?

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  3. Do Christians identify with Talos as the equivelant of God?
2 years ago#1
Yes or No - Results (141 votes)
I'm a Christian- Yes
16.31% (23 votes)
I'm a Christian- No
83.69% (118 votes)
This poll is now closed.
VexNoFace likes it rough.
2 years ago#2
I'm not religious, and God isn't It's name
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2 years ago#3
Why Talos? He's nothing like the Abrahamic version of God.
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(message deleted)
2 years ago#5
This wins dumbest question of the day in my book.

I hope not, that would be stupid.
Then again, we are talking about christians.

Oh, and look. Dumbest comment too.
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2 years ago#6
No, of course not........................................

Talos is Jesus.............................................
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2 years ago#7
If anyone is 'God' it's the Skaal All-Maker.

Not you best work here Vex.

Remember: IamI3rian told ya.
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2 years ago#8
Talos isn't even an actual god in the lore. He's basically an ascended plothole.

Beyond that, Talos is literally the equivalent of Caesar Augustus, if he actually had magic powers.
2 years ago#9
Nobody who knows anything about Hjalti would ever compare him to the Christian God without laughing hysterically.
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2 years ago#10
no because he's still not anywhere near monotheistic

the "all maker" those skaal people were talking about would be the closest thing
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  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  3. Do Christians identify with Talos as the equivelant of God?

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