bad are the spiders in this game?

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The spiders make me shudder a bit, but not too bad. However, I don't like the spider ambush and Nimhe still freaks me out! :/
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This mod could resolve spider related issues. It's not up to date, so if you have Dragonborn you'll still encounter a few spiders, but it seems the author will continue to work on it.
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darklinkfan55 posted...
i swear to god i read this same exact post years ago o.o .. or atleast something really similar to it lol

I remember it too.
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I seem to recall the funnel web spider as being suggested as the most dangerous spider for those who asked earlier. The brown recluse is actually also found in the US including my state. I've even squashed a few along with black widows.

The spiders are not in every dungeon but I can say that you will run into a place with them inside in almost all quest chains. In fact in game there is a character that develops arachnophobia because of them. As others have said they are easy kills though even the 'boss' level ones. They look somewhat like trimmed down (less hair) giant tarantulas.
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TC posted...
Its been the only reason I haven't played this game. I have severe arachnophobia and, actually purchased and returned the game at one point because I heard how much they seem to be involved in the game. Is it something I can push through? Can they be avoided for the most part if I wanted to? and how realistic are they? Thanks for the help.

Frosbite spiders are extremely common enemies, they are in nearly every cave/ruin/dungeon you come across.

In fact you even encounter a few during the game's tutorial.

Also, if you install the Dawnguard DLC, Giant Frostbite spiders can be seen roaming around outside in the wilderness but rarely.
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EdenEnde posted...
darklinkfan55 posted...
i swear to god i read this same exact post years ago o.o .. or atleast something really similar to it lol

I remember it too.

Maybe on the new vegas board? I think someone asked the same thing there...
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Yeah, you're pretty much screwed lol. Or avoid most of the icy caves, before a large spider comes falling down onto your neck
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not sure if this is more or less scary then the vanilla spiders
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But your fighting them, and KILLING THEM. that makes me feel better. Maybe get Barbas the dog, he can attack stuff, while you stand back and use ranged weapons on them. At least you dont have to see them up close. turn down the difficulty, so they die easy.

Should not be to bad. But only you can tell if you can do it or not. There are lots of places WITHOUT spiders. This game is huge. But as soon as you start seeing webs, you know, some are coming.

good luck. I want to buy a tarantula in college, but I could not bring myself to reach in and pick it up. so I chicken out.
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