How does Skyrim's DLC hold up to other TES DLC?

#21MotaroRIP619Posted 4/10/2013 1:14:26 AM
Skyrim is my fav overall.... The Dlc just doesn't seem as fresh to me.
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deadpool223 posted...
morrowinds gets dragged down by morrowind being bad

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In my opinion for the expansions Dragonborn > Shivering Isles > Bloodmoon > Dawnguard > Tribunal > Knights.
For the smaller DLC's Wizard's Tower > Vile Lair > Spell Tomes > Hearthfire > Fighter's Stronghold > Siege of Firemoth > Master Index > Helm of Tohan > Area Effect Arrows > Adamantium Armor > LeFemm Armors > Bitter Coast Sounds > Entertainers
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This is actually the first time I ever downloaded DLC, and they're great.
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