Thalmor Headquarters in Solitude

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User Info: Jakobs_Fodder

3 years ago#11
Yo, bro, Spoilers.
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User Info: FluffyKidJoe

3 years ago#12
Jakobs_Fodder posted...
Yo, bro, Spoilers.

There are no spoilers in this topic.

But feel free to b**** about nothing.

User Info: DevoidLight

3 years ago#13
Never even knew it was there. Although now that you mention it, yeah it's weird how there's no Thalmor in Solitude, at least before the Civil War anyway.

User Info: charon78au

3 years ago#14
I laughed at his topic...because I just found the place myself about a week ago.
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User Info: DarkSeraphM

3 years ago#15
Never knew it was there, and I've walked past that tower a million times. Just figured it was another part of Dour.
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User Info: darkportal785

3 years ago#16
thekosmicfool part 2 posted...
UESP says it's trespassing unless you're aligned with the Legion.

I only escaped with Hadvar with this character. Otherwise she kills Imperial dogs and Stormcloak insects whenever she sees them.

Curved_Sw0rd posted...
So Dark is your computer finally dead?

Yeah. PoS won't read the OS >.> So now I have to use my Xbox to access the Web. Damn thing doesn't even have Adobe >.>
This post was brought to you by the letter Xbox and the number 5.
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