Question on 1.9 patch.

#1drumble89Posted 4/4/2013 5:32:46 AM
I know it's not on xbox 360 yet but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Since trainers can only train your up to level 90, does this allow you to reuse them after you reset you skill?
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#2DarkSeraphMPosted 4/4/2013 5:36:12 AM
Not confirming or denying, since I don't know either, but since everything else acts like the skill is reset (as in, damage you do with weapons goes back down to what it would be at Lv.15, not up to 115), I don't see why trainers wouldn't work again.
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#3LeichenschmausPosted 4/4/2013 5:36:15 AM
I wouldn't see why not? I don't know but I'll be surprised if it isn't possible.