Who would be better to rule skyrim Storm cloaks or imperials?

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CRtwenty posted...
Talking vegetables have generally been great leaders.

When Abraham Lincoln was shot, he MAY have survived if the doctors hadn't probed for the bullet. Though, if he had survived, he would have been paralyzed from the waist/neck down.

So your comment was almost true!
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Mariofan4ever posted...
Pelagious III, with Sheogerath as his advisor

You got these two backwards.
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Caesar's legion.
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The living vegetable obviously... as long as it's from Passwall.
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What a silly question. Nords would rule Nord land better. Whether it be empire loving Nords or rebel Nords.
That's like roleplaying Barney as a blue dinosaur, just because you're not hardcore enough to play him purple.
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TwoBladesOneBow posted...
Lanius' legion.

Fixed that for you.
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Victory over the leprechaun werewolves through superior fire power!
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Well, when sitting at the throat of the world seeing hundreds of dragons fly down into skyrim, I say the dragons should rule it. Lol. Sure whiterun can kill a dragon but what about 20-30 of them at once? Reign of fire style.
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well, im a storm cloak supporter, but honestly neither. as above so below or so they say, and some of the storm cloak practices are brutal. the empire however is stupid as should be dissolved as soon and the thalmor arnt a problem
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Dreadsword101 posted...
The living vegetable obviously... as long as it's from Passwall.

Stanley the talking grapefruit! xD

The only thing wrong with the Stormcloaks ruling is that their leader is a racist egomaniac; it's better for the Empire to keep house while I behead the Aldmeri Dominion's political leaders ^_^
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