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#1sunbro1Posted 4/9/2013 3:09:32 PM
A question for people familiar with the 36 lessons of Vivec. If you read it you will notice that all lessons end with "the ending of the words is ALMSIVI." I know the 36 sermons has a lot of information about CHIM especially lesson 15.
What does the ending of the words is ALMSIVI actually mean?
I know ALMSIVI is Almalexia Sil Vivec but what does it mean the ending of the words? Is it to do with CHIM?
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No Rebel or Brenz0r?
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You forgot the blood sacrifice. the Tribunal(Reb, Brenzor, XBox) requires it.
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Oh look a puppy... here little puppy...

How about now?
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Nice... now you just gotta wait. They'll come