The Volkihar questline was beyond amazing. *(Obvious spoilers)*

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VampyreFox posted...
Which elder scroll couldn`t you get rid of? The blood one is still useful from what I read. And isn`t serana`s hood just the unenchanted theives guild hood? Leather hood? But, oooohhhmuhgaaahd! No easy-access to vampire hood or gloves?!!!?!?!? And my vampire never cared about the prophecy. Because, ya know, what valerica says, which I belive to be true. Emergencys only :0

no what that user meant is if you side with the vamps you cannot sell the scrolls to the priest
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Yes, I understood what he meant. But, why would you want to sell them?! It`s a darn ELDER SCROLL! And we got 3 elderscrolls. So, essentially now, skyrim:dawnguard=morrowind????