whats the back story to your character

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3 years ago#1
New to the skyrim board but what's your character race and what's the back story on him/her. Mine is an emperial who came to skyrim for a better life after he was run out of cyrodiil. Not that creative but curious about what you think bout your characters and there history.

P.s. don't kill me for making an odd topic
3 years ago#2
Why was he run out of Cyrodiil? What the hell did you do?
3 years ago#3
Mine depends on which I'm playing, yet they all tie together.
I'm on my Lumia, so I'm not posting the back stories, I'll list the characters though.

Name: Ethos
Race: Bosmeri

This character is important, for his creation was the original for the entire concept for all of my following characters. Created him way back in Morrowind.

Name: Ęgis
Race: Dunmer

Name: Escad (ripped the name right from LoM)
Race: Bosmeri

Name: Breacher
Race: Aldmeri

Race: Orsimer

Each of these characters are different. Each is related to the other, in some manner or other.
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3 years ago#4
ive actually never made a backstory.

just played the game. :3
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3 years ago#5
konvikt_17 posted...
ive actually never made a backstory.

just played the game. :3

3 years ago#6
a representative from each known faction/guild/race to kill harkon.formed a fellowship= at least 12 characters

champions/elites of telvani & redoran house= 4 dunmers

loser thief who became the reluctant dragonborn

argonian mrcenary who does anything for money

power hungry archmage who became vampire lord to explore his magical limits

elite bodyguards of the emporer= must wear penilutus ocultus but have the funkiest hair with rich personalities all mastering different weapons = 3 characters
3 years ago#7
Current: Female Breton

The only female Forsworn Briarheart. Going to take over the Reach, even if it means destroying all the other Forsworn that won't obey. (So.. never, as I can only get one area to become unhostile)

Resurrected outside the border to Skyrim and killed the Hagraven that did it. Then was captured by the Imperials.
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3 years ago#8
Currently my new file is this:

Name: Morgana
Race: Altmer
Class: Sorceress

She is a high ranking member of Aldmeri Dominion and is sent to Skyrim to oversee the issues related to the civil war, and the return of the dragons. She also has implemented a plan to have the the Emperor of the Empire assassinated

Her personality is like any other smug Altmer with the exception that she has been known to kill her followers and enslave them as thralls to set a example for most to fear her power.
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3 years ago#9
Put on some makeup and left helgen
Character is a male btw.
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3 years ago#10
kanto the element talker

big friendly barbarian guy, who also screws with elements
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