Build 3 houses for achievment they said...

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Coqui267 posted...
Not to get off topic here, but is hearthfire worth it? Is it true you can't demolish houses and can only put specific furnishings in specific wings?

That's true, but the houses are big and the wings are all pretty cool. All houses can have an alchemy garden where you can plant your favourite ingredients (except DLC plants).
There's a fish hatchery for making heaps of spadetails, longfins, histcarps and bettys. You get heaps of cool things: Mannequins, weapon racks, storage, monster trophy statues (if you build the trophy room), smithing stuff in the cellar and out in the garden, a little farm, a stable with a horse, a personal bard, a carriage that will travel to ANY settlement (not just the major cities).

Building all the items yourself is rewarding. Making all the iron fittings and nails also increases your smithing skill by quite a bit by the time you've built all three houses.

For 400 I reckon it's a good buy.
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