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3 years ago#1
A Good Day to Role Hard

OOC discussion/Characters thread: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/615803-the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim/65959965

New Rules:

The requirements for entering Skyrim are the same as having multiple characters. You must be a veteran of the game and be familiar with the lore of Skyrim during the time period (IE: Rorikstead don't exist, Winterhold is still a giant city etc).

Champion of Cyrodil: The Champion of Cyrodil is an NPC. If you didn't know, canonically in the Elder Scrolls lore the PC of each game only does the main questline and some other character does the guild questline. You cannot make the CoC not do something he didn't do in the main questline. His race will remain unspecified.

Guild Questlines:
You can participate around these questlines. For example, you can be a henchman for Manni, or join the Blackwater Mercs. It's up to you.
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3 years ago#2
Azta and I returned to the original room, with the four doors. Two were covered in debris, and there was one left. The door glowed a yellow and red hue, and it felt hot to the touch.

"Think we should open it?"

The key may be behind the door.
Elder Scrolls Role Play:
Aetherius, Bosmer Archer
3 years ago#3

"If you're wondering what we're doing out here, tell me, what kind of people run around the Waterfront?"

Find the Thieves' Guild would be easy enough. Stealing from them would be another matter.


"The contents of that coinpurse are valuable enough to buy all of Solstheim. I did give you a free pass, remember?"

I managed to get Vallus to sit down next to me.
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3 years ago#4

''Umm... beggars, thieves, criminals, seamen? I dunno, I've never been here before. What's this got to do with focusing enchantments?''


''Doesn't mean I'm going to go and spend all your gems now, am I? I take only what I need, nothing more. Most of the time, at least.''

I reached into my pocket and felt the diamond I had put there. I really hoped she didn't mind.
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3 years ago#5

"Thieves like jewelry. Therefore most thieves carry some on them." I saw someone in the traditional leather garb of the Guild. That was a rather large coinpurse he was carrying.

"See that one, over on the docks? Guild member, and carrying some loot too. I can pickpocket well enough, but she'd notice real fast and give chase..."


"Here, keep this." I grabbed a large handful of gems from the bag, and passed it to him.

"You gotta use what you've got, when you've got it. Losing stuff like that can happen in a heartbeat."
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3 years ago#6

''S-stealing? But, that would be wrong...'' I said.

Then I rethought things. If we took from them, wouldn't it be... justice? No, not really. But Valthar looked at me expectantly. I couldn't let him down.

''Alright. Pickpocket her and leave the rest to me.''

We snuck over to the thief. Valthar took the coin purse. Once the thief took notice I formed a barrier around her, trapping her.

''We are relieving you of your stolen property. May Zenithar grant his mercy upon your soul.'' I turned around. ''The barrier's on a timer. It'll dissipate in a few minutes. Let's get moving.''


''You sure you want to give me all this valuable stuff? I tend to shed clothing often. Don't want to lose these.''

I put them in my coin purse and stuffed it in my pack.

''Not even sure what I'd buy with that. Aside from the occasional resupply, I don't really need much.''
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3 years ago#7
"There's no other way I suppose, we gotta open this thing up."
"My phone blew up in my pocket, and my nuts are gone."
3 years ago#8
(Character: Marius, figured I'd point that out since its been awhile since last I posted.)

The boy swung at me with the wooden sword, his attack sluggish and weak. He's eager enough to learn, but he simply lacks the talent and stomach for real fighting. As we fought I thought back to my escape from the Imperial Palace after the death of the Emperor's eldest son. The Palace guards led by Adamus were the hardest, but once I broke through them the regular infantry at the base of the tower was a joke. My victory was due in no small part to Goldbrand, the katana gave me the sheer power I needed, even if it wasn't strong enough to fight Grec, it was still enough to fight mortals who lacked both my experience and strength.

I was snapped back into reality when Janus' sword darted to my side. I was still faster than him though, and stopped it with a loud thunk from my own. With that I ended the training, the boy was exhausted and it was starting to get dark. He headed into Castle Chorrol while I headed down towards the inn where I was taking up semi-permanent residence.
3 years ago#9

Vallus had left the hotel and hence I was left on my own, I decided not to follow, I couldn't be sure but I think I was starting to look like a pest in their eyes.
Still though, Castle Volkihar will still be expecting me to find Lamae and I wasn't going to find her by myself, I guess I'm just not making myself sound more clear to them.

Not really sure what I should do right now though, maybe just search for her on my own or something...


The mythic dawn had been dealt a crippling blow by me, so I thought it was time to move on to my next target, the Vampire, I will avenge Sveros's sacrifice for me.
Apparently vampire lords cannot be killed as they just come back in a few decades, but that doesn't matter, for as long as that monster feels the hell of Oblivion for a long time, then it will know its punishment.

But the real question was: how to lead it to me? Fighting it shouldn't be a problem, I already nearly killed him once, so having the chance to do so again shouldn't be too hard.
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3 years ago#10

I nodded off again. I had slept while propped up against the wall. It wasn’t comfortable, but at least I had a little nap. Suddenly, from the silence I heard heavy breathing. Don’t look Floyd, don’t look…

I opened my eyes and saw three of the man-wolves. Two were right in front of me, another smaller one was back guarding the entrance. The big one with the blood-red coat had a feral look in his eyes, and from the way he spoke I can tell he hadn’t been human for a long, long time.

‘’Well well well, what do we have here? A human child, surviving alone in this dangerous place? Interesting…’’ The red one said.
‘’Awww, look at it! So weak and helpless. It’s cute. Should we eat it?’’ The one with the gold pelt asked. Apparently it was a female.
‘’This whelp? No. Killing such a small creature like this would be an affront to our lord. But…’’ He turned his head towards the small one. ‘’…He could be a potential mate for that lovely animal back there.’’

I looked past the red one and looked at the small one. She had a silver coat and deep yellow eyes. She eyed me curiously. I couldn’t tell what emotion she was experiencing. The red one stepped forward and gently grabbed my arm.

‘’What do you say? Join us in the eternal hunt?’’ He grinned at me.

I looked at him, then the gold one, then the silver one. How was I getting out of this one? Wait a moment… three… two… one… ding! Ready for lift off!

‘’No thank you! I have to go home! Bye bye!’’ I waved and teleported back to the Arcane University. Once there I looked at myself in a mirror. My clothes were ragged and filthy, and I had small cuts and bruises all over. But I didn’t want to bother cleaning myself up. I was tired…

‘’Safe. Go… sleep…’’ I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.
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