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3 years ago#351

I was reading in the library at the University, but I wasn't really reading, I just needed a place to think.
Harkon was still probably expecting me to find Lamae, if she is truly the first vampire, then why has Harkon sent me to kill her? He knows that il not be able to defeat her on my own.
Maybe he didnt care...

I left the library, I just wanted to cast a frenzy spell at everyone and watch them all tear eachother to pieces.
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3 years ago#352
We approached Anvil at dawn. The group was tired as can be but it was alright, my ship, The Crown Cyrus would offer us free room and ale. I stepped into the dock house and talked to the man that was letting me keep my ship there, Barrius.

Me: "Why hello there Barrius! How've ya been old buddy?"
Barrius: "Well this is a surprise, you haven't used your ship in two years, taking up a precious slot in my docks, causing my money to wane, and you killed one of my other patrons while decimating half of the docks in that bout with Xavien! In short I've not been doing well."

I dropped a couple of coin purses on his desk that came up to a total of 10,000 septims, a good sum of money I'd been making with the fighters guild.

Me: "I trust this is enough to cover damages?"
Barrius: "It certainly is, however there is the matter of that slot your ship's been taking. How bout you do me a favor and look at this."

He showed me a weird marking that I'd seen in the thieves guild before. It was a raven holding a key.

Me: "Come on Barrius I don't have time for that old quest again. You know I don't like tangling with daedra."
Barrius: "Fine, but some day I want this key. Your free to go now ill have your ship un anchored right away."

I walked out of the office and onto my ship, only to find the rest of my group, besides Theyron snoozing in the galley bellow. "Well this is nice, not much of a crew but it'll do."
Theyron turned into some kinda troll thing but smaller and with a tail and climbed up onto the sails to loosen them. It was quite a nimble and acrobatic transformation.

While we pulled out of the port I asked him what that was animal called.
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3 years ago#353

Pirates and Child Killers.. This will be fun indeed.
Darius then unsheated his blades fully and pointed them to the floor, a neutral position but easy to strike.
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3 years ago#354
It did not take long for them to burst down the wall. There they stood standing tall. At least twenty large Nords. The biggest one stepped forward.

Pirate- "I am Captain Wave-Crasher." He yelled and unsheathed his war axe. Then he raises his shield. He points his weapons at us. "I am taking over this ship." The pirate crew starts to laugh and approach us.

I order Breyla to take Julia and run. I look at Lucius and I nod. He nods back. We charge into the group of pirates. I shove my sword through my first target. My axe meets the next. I pull the axe out and throw it at a pirate that is about to kill Lucius from behind. It takes off the attacker's head. I grab another pirate's neck and twist it til I hear the crack. I look back to see how the assasin is doing...
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3 years ago#355

"If anything, it's their city too."


"I can get behind this."


Along the road to Cheydinhal we found Aleswell.

"Didn't something go down here, Marius?"
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3 years ago#356
Fynn: I have made it to Windhelm, my true home. First I must buy a place, there is a large mansion on the east side of town for sale. I ask the steward about it "How much for the mansion for sale?" I ask.

Steward "Ha, it's 50,000 septims, but I doubt you can afford it."

Fynn: "Here is the money." I state as I lay 5 bags on a table.

Steward "Oh. Umm, here's the key."

Fynn: "Thank you, also I would like to have 20 children's beds furnished within it. Also do you know of a private cook I can hire?"

Steward: "It will be furnished as you like. And I believe there is a cook for hire at the inn. He has been out of a job for a while."

Fynn: "Here's 3000 for the beds, have a good day."
I head out the doors of the palace and goto the inn, within I say to the innkeeper "Where is the cook for hire?"

Innkeeper: "Over there in the corner."

Fynn: I walk over to him "Are you the cook for hire?"

Cook "Yes, the names Andrew by the way, what do you want?"

Fynn: "A cook.

Andrew: "What's the pay?"

Fynn: "5,000 septims a year, housing provided."

Andrew: "Sounds good, what's the catch."

Fynn: "Let's just say I came from Riften, if you catch my drift."

Andrew: "Awe, I see, so I'll be cooking for thieves won't I? Or have you left that life behind?"

Fynn: "This is a new chapter for me, your stuff should be safe. I just have one more question for you, do you like kids?"

Andrew: "Well yeah."

Fynn: "The offer stands then.

Andrew: "I will accept."

Fynn: "Good goto the mansion on the east side of town. Here are the keys."
With a cook it was time to hire some guards. Ones that would support my cause, mercenaries.
3 years ago#357

I was having a talk with the arch-Mage, he was displeased with me for apparently casting frenzy on one the apprentices, no one was killed, but the one frenzied was hurt.
"Did you have a reason to frenzy the apprentice?" He asked
I shrugged
"Oh stop acting like a 5 year old" he told me "your illusion powers are strong, but your mind Is not, maybe a trip to the library once in a while would sort you out"
He stood up from the bench
"What exactly are gonna do about it old man?" I asked him
"Hmph" he began "if you want to keep your membership here intact I suggest you sort yourself out, in the meantime, you are to train the Illusion apprentices as a punishment for your foolishness"

I was hopelessly training the apprentices, either they weren't working hard enough or I was just being lazy, probably the former.
"Oh for the divines sakes!" I shouted "you can't even cast the apprentice spells?!"
I charged up a calm master spell and showed the apprentices the effects
"But with all due respect master, your an Altmer! Most of us don't even have the magicka to cast them!"
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3 years ago#358

Some of the apprentices were talking to other Altmer vampire, Elixium. He seemed upset.

"Oh stop mopping around, Elixium. The sun's out, the birds are chirping, yadda yadda. Seriously, you and the werewolf are such downers.
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3 years ago#359

"Oh yes, how I adore the suns light and the pretty birds"
I looked at the assassin scum
"If you want that delicious blood of yours to stay inside you, I suggest you keep your mouth shut"
I turned my back to him and began to charge another pacify master spell
PSN: Goldengeartwo. Steam account: Galvatron
I am the pootbird, Pootbird is deadly, now you know why you shouldn't talk to me like that.
3 years ago#360

"Like you could back up that threat. I'd fill you up with knives and poison before you ever got close."

I drank a willpower enhancing potion. It'd insulate me from any Illusion magics, or vampiric compulsion if this big brooding goldenrod tried anything.

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