Skyrim or oblivion day 2: books

#1AurawhispererPosted 4/24/2013 9:02:06 AM
Which game contained the best book selection or novels that you enjoyed reading ingame? - Results (23 votes)
26.09% (6 votes)
73.91% (17 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Best TES era for 360: Skyrim

I feel as if Skyrim had fewer books while oblivion had more of a selection
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#2lenmuttPosted 4/24/2013 9:04:25 AM
oblivion had books stores which was nice
#3MortsllemPosted 4/24/2013 9:05:10 AM
Agreed on the bookstores.
#4Dovah_AhPosted 4/24/2013 9:08:51 AM
lenmutt posted...
oblivion had books stores which was nice

It's because Nords don't know how to read.
#5TaigaWilliamPosted 4/24/2013 9:12:13 AM
Not voting because I didn't play Oblivion, but it would have been nice to at least have certain general stores or khajit merchants who specialize in books. I can understand doing away with bookstores in much of war torn skyrim, but there should have been one or two merchants who specialized in them (like the radiant raiment specializes in fancy apparel).
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