Remember when we didn't know anything about the game?

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User Info: MrGazzo

3 years ago#1
I miss those days, waiting for the trailers to come, nergasm-ing on the screenshots
Haytham Kenway = Roger Moore

User Info: Mick65

3 years ago#2
I miss that 'first playthrough' feeling.

User Info: charon78au

3 years ago#3
Dynamic snow!

Town economies!

Radiant AI!
(Im)mature Aussie gamer. Don't pay the ferry man. Don't even fix a price.
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User Info: Cast_Supremacy

3 years ago#4
charon78au posted...
Radiant AI!

User Info: Ajd_King

3 years ago#5
"I dream of a future where French people can stuff their asses full of noodles without having their motives questioned."

User Info: silverhunter16

3 years ago#6
Ajd_King posted...

Reason I never watch trailers and interviews.

"Okay, look. We both said a lot of things your going to regret but I think we can put our differences behind use. For science. You monster.

User Info: EmperorCarnate

3 years ago#7
"I hope there are guns"

"I hope there is MP"

"I hope there are spears"

"I hope there are more armour types"
"Thats it! Christ deployed a tactical insertion before his crucifixtion." - ksbone_basic

User Info: TheeKRoller

3 years ago#8
I still haven't played it.

The only things I know about it from people is:

1. Destruction is underpowered for some reason.
2. Quests are randomly generated...some how.
3. Fus-Ro-Dah yourself to victory.
4. There is dual wield.

User Info: Cogira94

3 years ago#9
From: Mick65 | #002
I miss that 'first playthrough' feeling.

The first time you play a Bethesda game is the best. Just the newness of everything.

User Info: NekoSlave

3 years ago#10
Bright view stepping out of Vault 101...
I was able to reload my assault rifle in front of one of them because they were too busy looking threatening. -Rob_Indahood
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  3. Remember when we didn't know anything about the game?

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