Who is the true master race?

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If you guys wanna see just how OP claws is at level 1, make a brand new Khajiit character and play through Helgen.

Even on Legendary the Stormcloaks/Imperials die real fast...
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Another tidbit just occurred to me. The Voice of the Emperor racial of Imperials could calm all other characters within range. The Imperial would be able to halt all the fighting and talk his way out of the situation with one power, therefore, Imperial wins and has a group of potentially 9 followers of equal strength :|
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CarbideTitan posted...
Unknown4x4 posted...

Mostly because of the Sparks, Flames and the Healing spell (which nearly every race gets). It'll be extremely hard for most melee warriors to get close, and even if they do, they'll instantly get killed with Ancestor's Wrath.

If any other mage race tries to kill the Dunmer, it will be meaningless since the Dunmer only starts with Sparks and the Flames spell which most mages get, won't be effective against the Resist Fire power.

That's why, in my opinion, the Dunmer will win.

Sparks spell tomb is accessible within 2 minutes of gameplay.

That would conflict with the "no gear" rule and I only meant that the Dunmer gets the Shock spell already learnt when first starting.
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The lack of Sload here is despicable. The Sload will rule all, in the end.
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Sload don't appear in TES5 though :c. In fact, they don't appear in any numbered entry of the series.
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Whoo! Dunmer in the top 5!
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This poll is busted if Nords are winning.
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