How do you " justify " your character being everything? * maybe spoilers*

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In Morrowind, Oblivion, and now Skyrim, I complete each faction's story on my first play-through. Every time I rise to the top I get myself removed from said faction either by stealing or attacking another member and I move on. It's not a good idea to stay in one spot for too long being a notorious criminal.
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i do it in stages of their life. [young scavenger off the streets gets scared straight by nord mercinary], or something like that. face sculpter really helps the roleplay of it
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SteadyingMeat posted...
Ya know, being a member of the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Mage's Guild, Companion's, and also the possible servant of multiple Daedric Princes, all the while being the world's savior?

This is kind of a problem for me. I don't like making multiple characters at the same time, so I kinda just do everything I can with one character, but that leads to some serious problems from a "roleplaying" perspective. So I tend to just kinda go " whatever " and maybe just pretend like that was " non-canon " for lack of a better word XD

So yeah, how do you deal with this? (Assuming you don't create multiple characters and assuming you even care about roleplaying).

Started as a lowely thief. Finished that an went to be an assassin. After killing the emperor had to lay low- bards college. Got into mages college, went on to join dawnguard to kill vampires or joined vampires..... join companions when honor became important (easier to switch to after joining dawnguard, or as a cure for vampirism if joined vamps. Went on to save solstheim. Became best dragonborn. Went on to beat alduin and learn the way of the voice. Misc quests thoughout as needed.
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I just play the game like a non crazy?
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I've never had, and never will have, a single character that joins all the guilds.
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Brass Eagle posted...
I just play the game like a non crazy?

I'm not crazy!

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I never do it all on one character, thus never having to justify it.

If my character actually "becomes dragonborn" (ie. progress far enough to disover shouts). i never join the dark brotherhood or thieves guild. He's above that. The companions? absolutely that fits great with the noble hero dragonborn thing. College of winterhold? well if its a magic based characer sure, why not.

Though in the future i hope they put more limits on what you can do, and i dont wanna be destined to save the world or anything like that.
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zerobobo posted...

Though in the future i hope they put more limits on what you can do,

But...why? <__<

The only people that hurts are those who *want* to do everything. If you don't want to, it's a very simple choice to just not do it. It's the same thing with people that want fast travel taken out.
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My character is like Vegeta, in that he will go anywhere and do just about anything to become stronger/learn new techniques.
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An imperial named Maximus must build his power, become the ultimate Vampire, werewolf hybrid, learn every magic and become the leader of every powerful organization in order to defeat the Thalmor.
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