A Chance Meeting

#1NepharenPosted 6/8/2013 6:29:47 PM(edited)

One of my favorite songs off the skyrim soundtrack, but I've never heard it in the actual game. Seems like it would have been perfect when visiting the Skaal village in Solsteim or even when wandering a "friendly" forsworn camp.

Has anyone heard this song in game? What's your favorite skyrim song?
#2tzarkonPosted 6/8/2013 6:31:28 PM
I dont have a fav one, since i play without music at all.
For immersion feeling, imo, its great.

Yea, i Know i dont answer ya question.
#3HoonDingPosted 6/8/2013 6:43:27 PM
Secunda and Ancient Stones are my favorites.
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#4VampyreFoxPosted 6/8/2013 6:46:59 PM
I heard it in a inn or tavern, I think. Got two copies of the soundtrack, my list, in order: Atmospheres, Tundra, Frostfall, Secunda, Dawn, Windguide you, Aurora, From past to present..... Mmmmhhhmmm.
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#5HoonDingPosted 6/8/2013 7:07:41 PM
I've definitely heard "A Chance Meeting" before, it's on the tavern playlist.
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#6Nepharen(Topic Creator)Posted 6/8/2013 7:25:10 PM
As much time as I spend in the taverns, can't believe I've never recognized it before. Going to have to go to one of the taverns without a bard and check that out. Thank you much.