The Elder Scrolls RP (The Great War) OOC 3

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Rules are:
1.No taking control of other peoples characters, saying stuff like "the guards spot and kill Vallus" is not allowed
2. Don't post once and leave, your needed.
3. Stay in character, act like you stated what your character acts like, do what you'd think your character would do etc.
4. If you wish to approve of something that can change the story in a major way, do it over a private message with the person you are doing it with and me. This way, a decision like killing someones character is taken care of professionally and not through arguments. You can send private messages by clicking on a users name and hitting "send PM" on the right hand side.
5. You can have multiple characters if you have shown you are a regular to the game. (1-3 max)
6. When posting for the first time or with a new character in the main thread, take the page your characters info is on this thread and link it in your first post along with your characters name so we all know who you are.
7. There is a limit of 4 arcs at once (great war, and 3 random ones) small groups of people (1-2) do not count as an arc.
8. You can only have 3 characters MAX.
This is the character template, use to it make your character, if 3/5 council members agree then you will be free to post (there's usually at least 1-2 council members at one time so don't worry about waiting too long)




BEAST FORM (if any):




Other Rules:

Available provinces for the RP are: Summerset isle, Valenwood, Hammerfell, Elswyer, Skyrim and Cyrodiil.

Travelling to different provinces:
For a limited time you can go into a different province (Black marsh, Morrowind) but you must...
A. Do what you want quickly and get out.
B. have a partner to go with you so your not interacting with NPCs all the time.
C. Tell the council what exactly you intend to do.

As long as the guild existed at the time of the Great War, you can interact with them or join them.

Being idle:
There's no problem in going away (sleep, school, trip) but if you constantly go away, don't expect to be able to retain full control on an important character that has a large effect on the RP (An arc villain for example) otherwise people may be forced to move on without you.

Other details:

A recap will be posted every thread to keep people up to date, it would be appreciated if at least 1 person per arc made notes of what happened to the group during the thread.

The council make the decisions, but your suggestions are very welcome, feel free to share.
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Sep is a bit...massive. One of the things I would prefer to be kept as beasts to be killed and not domesticated.

No, I'm not scared of snakes. Much.
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Vereez and Vallus left Bravil to tease Aplitia, they insulted her until he went mad and attacks her own men
The thalmor catapulted diseased corpses to infect the whole city, many civilians died from disease
Vereez and Vallus and Floyd visit Valthar and Lysona
Vereez and Vallus have one of their usual arguments
Silver and Floyd trained...alot.....
Supplies were finally given to Bravil via ice bridge
Elenine continues to express her curiously, which Silver answered unsightly, hence his face answered to Elixiums and Vallus's fists.
Elenine promised to teach Silver how to be a gentleman
Aetherious gathers help from Bravil to rescue his family
Do'nadul and Yami are sent to assist Aplistia in the siege
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Snakes a harmless for the most part. Don't get me wrong I don't wanna come off as one of those nature freaks that hug tigers and s***, but snakes rarely attack anything other than small rodents and mammals.
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Yes, but when they're three times as large as the person they will treat the person as a small rodent, right?
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After thinking it a little bit, I decided to edit my previous post (#62). He won't defect back to the Company, he stays with the Empire.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I try to avoid these kinds of things in the future. But no posts were made after it with the Free Company, so...
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FMLG posted...
Yes, but when they're three times as large as the person they will treat the person as a small rodent, right?


Well, that's different...
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So little activity today.

r u aven a giggl ther m8
ill bash ye ead in swear on me mum
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Indeed. I was hoping TwoBlades would post earlier when I was ready to post a lot...
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Summer vacation has officially started for me. So on some days I may be postin like crazy, on others I may be silent all day so my normal consistency will begin to fall off.

Also monkey where are you??
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