Has anyone ever played Skyrim on the easiest difficulty?

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its not a drug, its a plant. you have to make drugs...


So none of the things this grows are drugs now?

"trace amounts"

that means its used to MAKE drugs, not one taken all by itself

nice try tho

I'm sure there are many other plants that contain crazy things not in trace amount.
DMT for example.

If that isn't a drug, you're crazy.
I'm also on your side you know.

i just hate that its illegal. ive tried to overdose before, its impossible haha. but you can die from drinking too much and cigs give you all kinds of cancers/terminal diseases. and dont get me started on legal medications. i have epilepsy and ive had doctors suggest meds, but warn of serious side effects that can kill or cause serious bodily/mental harm. its terrible

It isn't legal because the big medical companies have no way to make something natural their own little man-made drug to sell.

It isn't the reason it was made illegal, just the reason it has not been made legal for a long time.
Plus they wouldn't want to give you something that actually helps you with your problems to the point you no longer need drugs, that's a horrible way to keep making money off people.
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I love walking into a topic about a game and expecting to talk about the game, only to discuss the legality of recreational drug use.
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It's illegal period. States can legalize it and not enforce it but its still a federal crime and the states that have legalized it are waiting for fed response. Federal trumps state laws.

If you actually read most of the comments, you'd realize that most of the people still discussing it aren't even from the U.S. Most of them are from places where its actually legal.
That being said, I think they should legalize it federally. I don't partake. I wouldn't even if it were legal, but it's something they could tax the hell out of and help the national debt. But thats just my opinion.

> Doesn't partake
> TheUltimateMary

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actually _ _ _ became illegal due to the smear campaign of one william randoplh hearst
because he did not want hemp to replace wood as the main source of paper

not that i care ether-way but i f****ing hate big business squelching green alternatives
(see oil companies vs solar power) ...greedy *******'s

also to stay on topic..

i play easy due to the fact i play for fun not for a masochistic experience lol
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So the mods can delete drug related posts but won't BAN all this off topic bull@#$!?.

WtH people?!
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So the mods can delete drug related posts but won't BAN all this off topic bull@#$!?.

WtH people?!

Whoa whoa whoa!
You need something to calm you down.
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So the mods can delete drug related posts but won't BAN all this off topic bull@#$!?.

WtH people?!

sorry were not talking about arrows in the knee, zapdos or the toeh

or we could do a manofebony type post with racist jokes about "redguards"
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On Novice?

W-what is this foreign concept?
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The drug post would have been forgotten if it wasn't moderated. Instead the topic has completely changed course.