Questions about Skyrim.

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I'm finally buying an Xbox 360 and the first game that I'm buying is Skyrim. The thing is I don't have internet (I do but it's wifi through my phone (hotspot)). Do I need internet to play Skyrim? I once played the game at my friends house, I was a mage type of character I was a dark elf who used sparks and flames.

Another question I have is how long should I play skyrim so I don't over heat the xbox 360.
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If you get one of the newer S models of 360's with a hard-drive. Just install Skyrim, it only takes up
about 3 gigs of space. This should help lower it heating up.
As far as online goes you only really need it for updates and downloading DLC. For all that I just recommend getting the Legendary Edition, it comes with all 3 DLC's and update 1.9. 1.9 allows you to essentially level up infinitely.
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You can leave your xbox 360 on for days. I leave mine on for 3 or 4 days in a row sometimes, and it's fine.

I'm usually not playing a game all that time, but I have controller connection issues every time I turn the xbox on. So once I do get the controller connected, I just leave it on for a long time, so I don't have to go through the hassle of getting the controller connected again.
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I've left my 360 on for 8 months.
I don't live in a volcano so I don't have any problems.