Veterans of Skyrim...

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Mick65 posted...
I was about 2k hours in when I ran into a spectral Nord in full ancient armor running around the swamps of Morthal.

I just saw him very recently too. Then I looked him up on UESP--it says he leads you to a grave where bandits are looting the place. I didn't get to see that though, because I killed him...
#12Mick65Posted 6/22/2013 12:08:27 PM
The grave is that horizontal gate in the area. Minor loot and only two bandits iirc, but the ancient nord armor on him is easier to get than that stronghold in the far south east, can't recall the name.
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*is fighting blood dragon at level 20 on adept*

*bandit wants me to hold on to his stolen pot*

*both of us die*

Have I ever expressed my deep hatred for the way the world moves on when you have a conversation?
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After 15 playthroughs averaging 150 hours each, and doing the skull of corruption quest at least 5 times, I just noticed that there is a boss chest on the right side of the alter where you pick up the skull of corruption. It's tucked into the wall so it's very hard to see, but I still can't believe I never saw it before!
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Laughing my ass off at all of your stories...

I just burned an Ice Wolf on the side of a cliff near Saarthal. After I stole his skin, as I was walking away.
The mangled corpse of the wolf suddenly flew across my screen and smashed into the side of a mountain.

So surprised.

Another surprising thing. I have a kid and wife, I went home after venturing for a couple months.
My kid wants to adopt a Mudcrab she went ahead and named Pincer. I thought it looked better on my wall.

Aeta has daddy issues now.